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Hello all! I’ve recently started a YouTube channel that I will be using to share content including poetry, book trailers, general ramblings and more! Check out this video of me reading part of the first chapter of Otherwise Perfect back in 2017! More to come!

“Otherwise Perfect” live reading

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since my first author appearance! I’m still so thankful for A Novel Idea for having me, and I hope to line up more readings and/or book signings this year. Check out the reading of (most of) the first chapter of my novel Otherwise Perfect!

Author Reading: Otherwise Perfect

I had my first ever live author reading on Wednesday night in Canton, GA. My sister was able to grab the perfect seat to record it for me! I was super nervous, but thrilled to be part of this awesome event! More about A Novel Idea… A Novel Idea is a free gathering of…