“Just Smile”

In my life, I have been told many times that I should smile. Most of the time by strangers who don’t know me at all and have no idea what I have been through or what I’m currently going through. I will never forget one man in particular, several years ago. I was at work…

Otherwise Perfect in paperback!

Hey everyone, just a quick note to announce that my debut novel, “Otherwise Perfect,” is now available in paperback format as well as Kindle. Check them both out on Amazon here!


It doesn’t matter If I rise above the defeat Love still drags me down And my heart bleeds More than it beats


I should have known I used too many words When three would have been enough

Keep Graceful Dancing

These beautiful words on my left shoulder are from one of my favorite Blue October songs, “Graceful Dancing.” To me, it signifies overcoming every obstacle, rising above when depression tries to drag me down and living each day as if it might be my last. I got this tattoo (my first) in 2014, one year…

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a hard day for a lot of people, including me. Internet and TV are swarmed with advertising what to get for your mother, where to take her, what to do for her. I know it’s not meant to alienate those who have lost their mothers, but it can. This is a well…


I’m a little too much, it seems a little too much height what would they all think? a little too much weight as if beauty was only skin deep maybe it’s a little too hard to speak or smile or laugh or relate maybe I’m a little too real to be fake but if there…


Upon my lips I tasted The salt of the sea And imagined how similar Your skin would be May 2016

This Is Why

Several people have asked me why I chose to write a novel about depression and suicide, especially involving a main character who is gay. The answer is fairly simple: I wrote about it because it’s real. Millions of people (including me) suffer from depression every single day. It’s almost an impossible thing to explain to…

Soundtrack for Otherwise Perfect!

I love to listen to music when I write. It fuels me, inspires me, and can really help set the mood for what I’m writing. This is a playlist I made while I was writing my novel Otherwise Perfect and I’m always adding more to it. There are a lot of indie artists on this…