For My Mother

It’s been almost five years since my mom passed away suddenly. I honestly don’t know how I’ve gotten through those years without her guidance, without talking to her on the phone, without her hugs, without hearing her voice. But I think the reason I have been able to get through losing her is because of her strength, and the strength she gave me and all my sisters.

My mom’s passion in life was to love, and to love so honestly and deeply and freely that she was like a magnet, pulling people in and letting them know they were loved and needed. She could talk to anyone and she was kind to everyone, no matter who they were. She loved her family, her kids, and her grandkids fiercely, and they never doubted how important they were.

She struggled so much with mental illness, and even though it knocked her down a few times in her life, she always got back up. She was resilient, and determined to be happy, and to make others happy.

To my mother, I want to say what I should have said while she was still with me: Thank you.

Thank you for telling me you loved me every single day, multiple times a day. Thank you for checking up on me all the time, even when it got on my nerves. Thank you for being so protective of me. Thank you for teaching me how to bake, and letting me make a mess with flour and sugar in your kitchen. Thank you for the long conversations, the advice, and telling me everything would be okay. Thank you for always being there, no matter what. Thank you for telling me that I am the only one who can make myself truly happy, and for encouraging me to do the things I love. Thank you for making me strong, and for telling me to “keep on keeping on.” Thank you for being the best mother anyone could ever ask for. I love you, Mom, and you will always be in my heart.

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